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Flowers white
White I am – I am here 
Like a bird, I could come, privilege of the white 
To learn, unlearn
the waters, the flows 

Waterwaste is manure
Waterwaste is dangerous 
Waterwaste is toxic
Waterwaste is life 
Waterwaste is money
Waterwaste is flowers

Wastewater. Where does it come from?  
The city.
“My daughter lives in the city,
she wears a saree only when she comes to the village. She likes to wear it only here.”

Flowers yellow 
“This is for you”
“For me?”
“Yes, take it home.”
Flowers wilt in a day. Home is far. 

Flowers red. 
“The most beautiful are after the rains, 
you should come back then, and see. 
We are all out in the fields. At night. Flowers and moon and us, all of us. Her too [pointing to the grandmother]”
And the grandmother says: “BEFORE, there were no flowers, no waste, no water.”

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